Alpine RF-11 Runway Ice Melt FAA Compliant

Seneca Mineral Company offers the latest in runway deicing products. We are proud to offer Alpine RF-11 Runway Ice Melt and Alpine RF-14F Runway Ice Melt. Both Alpine RF-14 and Alpine RF-11 Ice Melt are FAA compliant, but they go far beyond minimum compliance regulations for runway deicing fluids.

Alpine RF-11 Runway Ice Melt

This deicing fluid has been improved to provide the highest performance in hazardous icing conditions, while being environmentally friendly. This includes:

  • Improved wetting and spreading on taxiways and runways
  • Improved corrosion inhibition
  • Quick drying

Alpine RF-14F

This runway deicer is an advanced, environmentally friendly liquid runway deicer that requires no mixing, dilution or heating. It’s ready to use immediately for quick deicing of frozen surfaces. It activates and pre-wets solid deicers.

Alpine RF-14F is made out of potassium formate, which consumes less oxygen than other than other deicers as it breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.

Our Deicers Are Environmentally Friendly

At Seneca Mineral, we believe in leaving a small environmental footprint. That’s why our deicers are made with pure, raw materials. They are non-toxic and are non-hazardous to animals and plants. They easily biodegrade into water and carbon dioxide.

Why Choose Seneca Mineral for Your Deicing Products?

We know that beyond getting the latest in premium deicing products, our customers expect prompt delivery, competitive pricing and excellent customer service and technical support. That’s why customers from across the country turn to us for their deicing products.

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