Calcium Chloride De Ice Melt Products

Are you in need of calcium chloride deicer? If so, Seneca Mineral is the answer. Our liquid calcium chloride deicer melt is an odorless, clear fluid that is slightly alkaline in composition and has a typical concentration of 32%. Used for winter deicing applications, 32 percent liquid calcium chloride combines a low freezing point with a concentration higher than some other liquid deicers.

Calcium Chloride Deicer Products

Seneca Mineral’s liquid calcium chloride deicer chemicals have a variety of uses, including:

  • Anti-icing
  • Ice control
  • Pre-wetting
  • Spraying in advance of snow to prevent the formation of ice
  • Dust control
  • And more

Liquid calcium chloride deicer can also be used as an accelerator for ready mix concrete curing, and as anti-freeze for transportation and coal storage. It is also used in oil field applications as a drilling mud additive to prevent clay hydration and to increase density.

Dust control is a common use for this product, as is its use as a weighing fluid for tractor tires so that traction is improved. It is used in wastewater treatment plants to break oil/water emulsions and to remove fluoride. These are just a small sampling of what calcium chloride might be used for.

About Seneca Mineral

Seneca Mineral has been in business since 1957, providing ice and dust control and related services for road maintenance. Over the years, we have expanded our services and sales across the country, including a variety of environmentally friendly additives and products to enhance product performance. In addition to these products, we can also supply and install poly storage tanks, skid-mounted spray systems, salt pre-wetting systems, and Banjo liquid handling fittings, pumps and valves.

If you are in need of any our products or services, please call us at 1-800-291-9222. Your phone call will be answered by a member of our family and dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. Come see why our services and products, such as our calcium chloride deicer are so popular today.