32% Liquid Calcium Chloride

Liquid Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is an odorless, slightly alkaline, clear, nearly colorless fluid with a typical concentration of 38% CaCl2 by weight.


32% Liquid Calcium Chloride is commonly used for winter deicing applications because it combines a low freezing point with a concentration that is higher than other liquid deicers.

Spring and summer dust control applications usually use concentrations of 35 or 38%.

Liquid Calcium Chloride is also used as an accelerator for ready mix concrete curing, and as an anti-freeze for coal storage and transporation.

This product is widely used in oil field applications as completion and workover fluids to increase density, and as a drilling mud additive to increase density and prevent clay hydration.

It can also be used as a fugitive dust control agent and roadbed stabilizer; a weighing fluid for tractor tires to improve traction; an inexpensive source of calcium in wastewater treatment to remove fluoride and break oil/water emulsions; a low-temperature brine in refrigeration systems, and in the manufacture of pigments and steel.

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Liquid Calcium Chloride Uses

  • Anti-Icing
  • Ice Control
  • Pre-Wetting
  • Spraying in Advance of Snow to prevent the formation of ice
  • Dust Control
  • Full-Depth Road Surface Reclaimation