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IceCare is an advanced, environmentally friendly, granulated solid sodium formate deicing product that is certified to the latest edition of SAE AMS1431E.

It is specifically engineered to allow for efficient removal of snow and ice from airport runways, aprons, parking lots, and access roads and is designed to maintain adequate friction between aircraft tires and the runway.

IceCare SF Is An Improved Sodium Formate Formulated to
Give Maximum Performance In Icing Conditions:
  • IceCare SF is Friendly To The Environment
  • IceCare SF Has Improved Corrosion Inhibition
  • IceCare SF Is Effective Down To 0°F
  • IceCare SF Has A Rapid Drying Time
  • IceCare SF Can Be Applied With Existing Spreading Equipment
IceCare SF is also effective in landside areas that are sensitive to corrosion such as parking decks, stadiums, institution grounds, parks, bridges, and roadways.
In these applications, IceCare SF helps avoid/reduce the chloride load in waterways when compared to traditional salt.
Environmental Benefits of Using IceCare SF From Seneca Mineral
• Has a very low Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
• Biodegrades readily and complete to carbon dioxide and water
• Is Non-toxic and Non-Hazardous to plant and animal life


NAAC and SF Data Comparison

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