Potassium Acetate Deicer Products

Looking for a safe way to clear the ice from runways and busy streets? Seneca Mineral is a family owned and operated business specializing in dust and ice control products since 1957. Ask Seneca Mineral about the availability of potassium acetate deicer products. Potassium acetate Ice Melt chemicals melt ice quickly even in the coldest (down to -72°F) of temperatures.

High Quality Potassium Acetate Deicing Products

At Seneca Mineral we care about our customers, which is why we provide chemically safe solutions for dust and ice control. There is always a friendly greeting waiting at the other end of the telephone. As a small business we have the ability to take special care of each and every one of our customers.

  • High Quality – Seneca Mineral only works with the best products available in the field. We use potassium acetate snow melt products because they are easy to apply and highly effective.
  • Fast Delivery – We have expanded our sales of potassium acetate deicer products nationwide. From the North Dakota oil fields to the Pan Handle of Florida there is a need for ice, sleet or snow control and we deliver to most locations within two days.
  • All-in-One Provider – If the need arises for other products such as solid deicers, poly storage tanks, spray systems or septic tanks – we’ve got it all. We offer competitive pricing for our products with excellent customer service as an added bonus.

Place an Order with Seneca Mineral

When you call our office there is always someone available to pick up the phone. Call Seneca Mineral today to find out about the safety benefits of using potassium acetate deicer products. No matter where you are, nationwide, we are able deliver to you. You can reach us at 814-476-0076 or Toll Free 1-800-291-9222.