Clariant Safeway SF

Airport Runway Deicer

Safeway® SF is an advanced sodium formate based runway and apron deicing solid. The formulation makes Safeway® SF an extremely effective and easy applicable de-/anti-icing product that gives long-term protection against snow, slush and ice.

Commercial Advantages of Safeway SF:
Safeway SF has extended endurance times and ease of ice/slush removal reduces time, personnel, fuel and operational costs making it a very efficient product. During periods of precipitation every minute the runway surface maintains its friction performance is absolutely vital. Using the right fluid during winter operations will optimize airport traffic and minimize costly delays that nobody wants. The excellent environmental profiles of Safeway® SF helps reduce the costs of expensive runway effluent treatment.  After trying Safeway SF, you’ll wonder what took you so long to make the switch!
  • Safeway SF Is readily biodegradable
  • Helps airports meet highest ecological requirements
  • Is a chloride, nitrate, nitrite, and triazole free product
  • Low toxicity to flora and fauna
Safeway® SF is certified to the latest version of the international standard AMS 1431.


Clariant Safeway SF Technical Data Sheet Clariant Safeway SF MSDS


Environmental Advantages:
New and developing environmental legislation requires that airports manage their effluent streams and ensure minimal environmental impact. The formate formulation has considerably less COD than glycol and urea based products and about one third the COD of acetate based de-icers.
Delivery & Storage:
Safeway® SF is available in 1000 kg, 500 kg and 25 kg bags. In order to avoid sticking always use properly labeled tanks to prevent possible contamination.
Safeway® SF can be applied using conventional spreaders. The amount of Safeway® SF must be adjusted according to the weather situation and runway conditions.


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