Bulk Liquid Deicer Products Distributors

Let Seneca Mineral Company Supply All of Your Bulk Liquid Deicer Needs

Seneca Mineral Company has been a leader in liquid deicing products for nearly six decades. In addition to selling some of the top names in environmentally friendly bulk liquid deicer products for roads and runways, we also offer a full range of polyethylene containers and tanks for transporting, storing, processing and transportation of bulk liquid deicing products.

As one of the leading bulk liquid deicing distributors, we also carry a variety of liquid handling and application products by manufacturers like Banjo. These include:

  • Salt pre-wetting systems
  • Skid-mounted spray systems
  • Liquid handling fittings, valves and pumps

We Carry Premium Deicing and Ice Melt Products

At Seneca Mineral Company, we are proud to offer the latest in deicing and ice melt products at competitive prices. This includes LS-25 a cost effective deicer and pre-wet.

Customers in the market for bulk liquid deicer turn to LS-25 because of properties such as:

  • Prevent ice and snow from bonding to roads
  • Keep the rock salt on the road rather than being scattered by passing vehicles
  • Leave a film of chlorides that makes it easier for snowplows to remove snow and ice from the road
  • Create a low freezing point, which reduces the amount of rock salt needed
  • Can be used alone as a deicer or as pre-wetting deicer when sprayed on rock salt
  • Naturally occurring, oil free product

Why Choose Seneca Mineral for Your Deicing Products?

Besides being a one-stop shop for bulk liquid deicers and equipment, we offer prompt delivery, excellent, efficient customer service and technical support from experienced professionals who know our products inside and out.

To place an order or to get further information on any of our products, call us toll-free at 1-800-291-9222. The Seneca Mineral team is looking forward to serving all of your deicing and liquid handling needs.