Ecoway SF

Airport Runway Deicer

Ecoway SF is easily applied using a wide-range of conventional solid spreaders.  ECOWAY SF is also an advanced, environmentally-friendly solid deicer.

Performance Advantages:
  • ECOWAY SF is SAE 1431 approved for airport use
  • Effective at extremely low temperatures
  • Ecoway SF melts ice and snow faster than urea and sodium acetate products
  • Irregularly-shaped granules are much less likely to blow away in high wind situations than spherical prills
  • Lower use rates compared to urea and sodium acetate solid
  • Patented in the USA
Environmental Advantages Of Ecoway SF
  • Does not contain chlorides, nitrates or triazoles
  • Ecoway SF is biodegradable with lower COD and BOD levels
  • Helps meet ecological requirements
Ecoway SF Technical Data Sheet Ecoway SF Application Rates Ecoway SF SDS



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