Alpine RF-14

Airport Runway Deicer

Alpine™ RF-14F Potassium Formate Runway Deicer is an advanced, environmentally friendly, liquid runway deicer which meets FAA requirements of the latest edition SAE AMS1435 specifications.

Performance Features of RF-14F:
  • Pre-wets and activates solid deicers improving performance
  • Ready to use immediately – requires no dilution, mixing or heating prior to application.
  • RF-14F is highly effective for anti-icing in preparation for winter events.
  • Fast deicing of frozen runways and taxiways for increased safety precautions
Environmental Benefits Of Alpine RF-14F
• RF-14F is a practical & cost effective solution for airports working to minimize their environmental impact.
• Postassium Formate has the lowest Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) among commercially available liquid runway deicer products.  This essentially means it consumes less oxygen as it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.
Alpine RF-14 Technical Data Sheet

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