Ice Control With LS25

Seneca Mineral Company produces, stores, and distributes LS25, a naturally occurring, oil-free, clear solution of liquid chlorides (calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium).


Pre-wetted salt works faster and at a lower temperature than does dry salt, with less waste!

What is

Pre-wetting is the process of spraying deicing salt with a solution of liquid chemical before spreading the salt on the roadway. Pre-wetting the salt helps it work more effectively as a deicing agent for two reasons:


  1. Wet salt clings to the road instead of bouncing off or being swept off by traffic. The result is that less salt is spread, saving money and minimizing the threat to the environment.


  2. To be effective as a deicing agent, salt requires moisture. Moisture dissolves the salt, releasing heat and thereby melting the ice and snow, as well as breaking the ice-road bond. When temperatures drop below freezing there is no moisture on the road, and salt alone is ineffective. Pre-wetting the salt, however, ensures that there will be enough moisture to facilitate the melting proces


LS-25 Advantages are:

  • Creates a low eutectic (freezing) point (to -18 degrees F)
  • Lower hydroscopic value than calcium chloride which lessens the chance of re-freeze
  • Prevents bonding of ice and snow to roadway
  • Film of chlorides left on roadway makes for easier snowplowing to remove ice and snow
  • Easier to handle and costs less!
  • Corrosion Inhibited (LS25-CI)

Pre-Wetting with LS-25 / LS-25-CI:

When LS-25 products are used as a pre-wetting agent (added to or sprayed on rock salt), it speeds up and enhances the melting action of rock salt, as well as:

  • Keeps more rock salt on the road by reducing bounce and scatter
  • Allows use of rock salt at lower temperatures
  • Reduces the amount of rock salt needed per application
  • Corrosion inhibited (LS-25-CI)

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