Salt Brine LS-25 Pre-Wetting Deicer

Seneca Mineral Company is proud to offer a selection of premium deicing and ice melt products at competitive prices. This includes our salt brine LS-25 deicer and salt brine LS-25 pre-wetting ice melt.
What Is LS-25?

Salt brine LS-25 de-icer is an oil-free, naturally-occurring clear solution that contains calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium chloride. These are all liquid chlorides.

LS-25 products (LS-25 and LS-25-CI) can be used alone as a de-icer or as a salt brine pre-wetting deicer when sprayed on rock salt. LS-25-CI is corrosion inhibited.

Advantages of LS-25

  • It prevents ice and snow from bonding to roads.
  • It leaves a film of chlorides that makes it easier for snowplows to remove snow and ice from the driving or walking surface.
  • It creates a low freezing point, reducing the amount of rock salt needed.
  • It keeps more of your rock salt on the road by reducing the amount of scattered when spreading or by passing vehicles.

Why Is Pre-Wetting Important?

Pre-wetting rock salt with products like salt brine LS-25 pre-wetting ice melt before applying rock salt increases efficiency and effectiveness of rock salt alone. Pre-wetted salt works more quickly than dry salt and produces less waste.

 Why Choose Seneca Mineral for Your Deicing Products?

Besides offering the latest in premium deicing products like salt brine LS-25 deicer, we offer prompt delivery, competitive pricing, excellent customer service and technical support from experienced professionals. That’s why customers from all over the country get their deicing products from us.

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