Sodium Formate Deicer Products

Are you looking for a deicer product to use instead of calcium chloride or urea? Sodium formate deicer products can be used when urea or calcium chloride will harm the surrounding environment. Today, more and more people are concerned about the environment and the toll that some chemicals can have on it. At Seneca Mineral, our sodium formate ice melt products are designed for effective deicing and snow melt, but without the harmful effects to the environment.

Sodium Formate Snow Melt Products

Sodium formate works safely and quickly without damaging surfaces that products such as calcium chloride and urea may. When applied on its own, sodium formate can provide the long-acting, anti-icing effect you need under even the most extreme weather conditions. Sodium formate deicing products can be used with conventional spreaders, although a combination spreader that wets the product first before applying it is preferred. We offer sodium formate in 55 lb. bags, 40-bag pallets or 2204 lb. super sacks.

Sodium formate deicer products are just one of several deicing products available from Seneca Mineral. Other products include:

  • LS-25 and LS25CI, 25% Chloride Brine
  • 32%-38% Liquid Calcium Chloride
  • 77% Calcium Chloride Pellet/Flake
  • 94% Calcium Chloride Pellet/Flake
  • Alpine Ice Melt Potassium Acetate
  • Alpine RF-11 and Alpine RF-14F FAA Compliant Runway Deicer

In addition, Seneca Mineral also handles a wide range of liquid deicer handling and storage equipment, including:

  • Norwesco Poly Storage Tanks
  • Glass filled polypropylene liquid handling products
  • Roth poly septic, pump and storage tanks
  • Skid-mounted spray systems

Our Service Sets Us Apart

At Seneca Mineral, our fast, personalized service and delivery separates us from our competition. With our competitive pricing, why wouldn’t you come where the service is superior? In addition, our phones are answered 24/7 by the company owners who truly cares about their customers’ needs. We’ve been in business since 1957. We know how to keep our customers returning for their deicing product, equipment and service needs.

Call Seneca Mineral today to learn more about any of our products, including our sodium formate deicer products. We look forward to serving you.